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To provide outstanding service to our clients with due attention to our three underlying principles: Reliability, Competence and Integrity.
Family Office 13X & 13R
It is our constant mission to provide outstanding services to assist our clients in achieving their goals. In order to maintain a positive long-term work relationship, we take pride in our work, listen and understand the various needs and provide the most comprehensive and efficient solutions. A successful and strong relationship is one that is built on trust, effective communication and providing the whole suite of professional services to our clients.
Family offices administered in Singapore can take advantage of Singapore's extensive network of comprehensive double tax treaties or agreements as well as potential tax exemption under various government schemes. Ultimately you get to decide exactly how the family office will serve you and your family.
通过在新加坡设立家族办公室, 您能够受益于该国与其他国家签署的双重征税协定, 以及有机会获得政府拟定的各个免税计划(只要符合条件)。 尽管如此, 您的家族办公室如何为您和您的家庭提供服务始终取决于您的决定。对于一些富裕人士来说, 通过成立一家私人信托基金能更隐蔽和有效率的执行他们的方案.。
Enhanced-Tier Fund Incentive (Section 13X) 特级基金税务激励计划 新加坡《所得税 法》 [第 13X 条]
Singapore Resident Fund Scheme (Section 13R) 在岸 (民) 基金税务激励计划 新加坡《所得税 法》 [第 13R 条]

Income Tax & GST Compliance, Personal Tax & Immigration

Structuring and Tax Advisory

Corporate Secretarial, Corporate Governance, Regulatory and Compliance Advisory

Business Valuation

Financial Statement, Audit and Assurance

Due diligence and Transaction support



Contact information | 联系 信息

Joyce Kew | 梁瑞 月

Partner (Corporate & Individual Tax, GST, Cross-border Tax)

税务 合伙 人

Office | 办公室 +65 6256 3028


Zenith Kew | 丘德 开

Tax Director (Corporate & Individual Tax, GST, Digital & Risk Advisory)

税务 总监

Office | 办公室: +65 6256 3028





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